Disney Channel’s first original scripted series made exclusively for release on YouTube is “Shook,” a hip-hop dance short-form series starring Sofia Wylie, produced by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass and directed by Hannah Peterson. 

The scripted single-camera show centers on 15-year-old Mia (Wylie), who yearns to dance professionally but is hindered by daily obligations to her little sister and their single mom, a registered nurse. Mia begins to express her true and best self through dance with the support of her extroverted best friend, Fredgy, and a new mentor, Ritz, who introduces her to the world of street dance.

Directed by: Hannah Peterson
Written by: Jonathan Hurwitz
Choreography by: Alexis Beauregard
Produced by: Dani Ruiz
Executive Produced by: Mark and Jay Duplass
Director of Photography: Nicholas Bupp
Edited by: Salvador Pérez García
Starring: Sofia Wylie, Sydney Sepulveda, Wayne Mackins, Jenna Alvarez, Leshay Tomlinson, and Somali Rose