Disney Channel’s first original scripted series made exclusively for release on YouTube is “Shook,” a hip-hop dance short-form series starring Sofia Wylie, produced by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass and directed by Hannah Peterson. 

“Shook” will debut Saturday, Sept. 28, on Disney Channel’s YouTube channel. The scripted single-camera show centers on 15-year-old Mia (Wylie), who yearns to dance professionally but is hindered by daily obligations to her little sister and their single mom, a registered nurse. Mia begins to express her true and best self through dance with the support of her extroverted best friend, Fredgy, and a new mentor, Ritz, who introduces her to the world of street dance.

Directed by: Hannah Peterson
Written by: Jonathan Hurwitz
Choreography by: Alexis Beauregard
Produced by: Dani Ruiz
Executive Produced by: Mark and Jay Duplass
Director of Photography: Nicholas Bupp
Edited by: Salvador Pérez García
Starring: Sofia Wylie, Sydney Sepulveda, Wayne Mackins, Jenna Alvarez, Leshay Tomlinson, and Somali Rose