Corrode Silo

Performed by Odd Comfort from their debut album. This video uses a mixture of 16mm footage, scratch animation, and archival home video footage from the artist. 

Directed by: Hannah Peterson
Cinematography & Animation: Hannah Peterson
Performed by: Odd Comfort

Run Too Far

“The “Run Too Far” video basically came about from a weekend trip with girlfriends. The whole video is basically three girlfriends fucking around in the desert and experimenting with things we’ve wanted to experiment with. We of course had the help of Daniel Yoon who edited the video and assisted the shoot, as well as Sydney Shafer and Penelope Gazin who provided their awesome dance moves.” - Jessica Hernandez

Directed by: Kate Hollowell
Director of Photography: Hannah Peterson and Daniel Yoon
Edited by: Daniel Yoon
Styled by: Jessica Hernandez
Dancers: Penelope Gazin & Sydney Schafer